Recovery Resources: How do I Find a Sponsor?

Your sponsor will be the person who will help guide you on your path of sobriety. A sponsor agrees to be there not only for meetings, but also if you need that person outside of meetings, for example, you have an urge to use, you call your sponsor and he or she agrees to meet you, no matter what time it is or what else he was doing at the moment.  You will draw strength from your sponsor and get past your urges. Continue reading

6 Great Reasons to Make Yoga Part of Your Daily Drug Addiction Recovery Routine

Recovery is exciting but at the same time, many changes take place physically, emotionally and in your lifestyle all at once, and that can be overwhelming. Finding outlets for that stress can help you stay strong. There are six great reasons to incorporate yoga into your daily recovery practice. Once you make it a habit the benefits get better and better. Continue reading